New seats for Trondheim Stadium

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Trondheim Multi-Purpose Stadium, Europe’s largest indoor stadium, was one of the most successful projects completed by Avant Sports in 2019. Avant Sports supplied more than 8,960 Hilo seats to this stadium, 5,098 of which are telescopic and 3,862 fixed.

With black seating as the background colour, red, green, blue, and yellow seats have been randomly distributed in designated areas in the stadium. The four different colours help to highlight the stadium’s modularity and their brightness boosts the atmosphere of excitement in the stadium.

Trondheim Multi-Purpose Stadium makes full use of the telescopic system’s unique and superior performance: ultra-high rows, perfect cut-angle design and fully automatic stand design, with flexible first rows making it perfectly adaptable to different types of activities.

The seating provided for Trondheim Multi-Purpose Stadium belong to the Hilo series, which was independently designed by Avant Sports. It features an automatic folding system, PP moulding, and a seat design satisfying both ergonomic and aesthetic considerations, making it simple but stylish. The series products conform to the stadium’s overall style, creating a strong visual impact for the audience. Hilo series seating was especially developed for stadiums of this scale.

Avant sports is innovative in its development work and aims to become a leading brand in sports facilities and equipment worldwide.

Avant sb 5 2020 Trondheim Stadium

Photo: Avant Sports

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