Multi-functional venues in China

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Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo Arena is the world’s top-level and Hong Kong’s largest exhibition center and multi-functional event venue. In 2021, on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the AsiaWorld-Expo, the upgrade and renovation project officially launched to further enhance its multi-functional conversion capability and venue operation efficiency.

In this renovation and upgrade, the seating system of the AsiaWorld-Expo adopted the design of Avant Sports 6,000-seat telescopic stands and 4,000-seat metal bleacher stands, which successfully shortened the site conversion time from the original 15 days to 4 days, and improved the conversion efficiency more than 70 %, providing more possibilities for the multi-functional use of the AsiaWorld-Expo. After the upgrade was completed at the end of 2021, the AWE im­­mediately hosted Hong Kong’s annual large-scale pop music awards ceremony.

Almost at the same time, another world-class convention and exhibition hall across the water from Hong Kong – the seating system of the Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center was also provided by Avant Sports, which can accommodate 13,000 spectators. The double-layer seating layout, one of which is a telescopic stand system, and the second floor is a fixed seat system. The telescopic stand system can realize the rapid switching of space functions such as exhibitions, events, and competitions.

In the future, we will witness more international events in Hong Kong AWE and Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center.


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