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Movement for everyone, outdoors or indoors, with large play equipment or in small spaces – These ideas have led us to further develop our ELTECPUR® products. We offer various tile solutions and additions, always elastic, combining the protection of children and the environment. Even in the smallest spaces, there should be room for movement, and our tiles should encourage that. We have tiles with motifs and numbers on the surface, a balance step for hopping and jumping, as well as a complete hopping game as a ready-made set.

But a real highlight is certainly our ELTECPUR® Adventure Tile, which mimics the sounds of the depicted animals when jumped on. It operates independently and does not require electricity. To motivate children to move, we have also created a C major scale set of eight plates from it.

We offer different solutions for various application areas, whether it's playgrounds, open spaces, fitness, golf, shooting sports, or equestrian sports. We aim to enable safe movement for everyone in all areas and at all ages. All our ELTECPUR® products are made from sustainable recycled granules, they are robust, weather-resistant, and durable, easy to install and maintain. They are also tested for their ingredients, allowing us to confidently say: „WE PROTECT WHAT YOU LOVE.“  

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