Modular balancing playsystem

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FRISIA is a new PLAYPARC product range for children between 4 and 10 years where they can balance and play. Perfect for use in busy schoolyards or on public playgrounds. Or also at the adventure pool, such as in the “Maximare” in Hamm.

FRISIA is an exciting mixture of different balancing and bridge variations, which invites children to engage in playful activity and tests various balancing and motor skills. At various points on the course, users can leave the equipment in a face-saving way, if the degree of difficulty has perhaps become too high after all.

A FRISIA success story: The start-up company Kidletics was looking for an exercise strategy in connection with the product “KidCoin Fitness” for the Spa “Maximare” in Hamm, Germany. They found what they were looking for in the FRISIA modular balancing system from PLAYPARC.

“We decided on the FRISIA model because it meets all the requirements we set,” says product manager Björn Becker. “We were looking for a balancing course that would challenge children and young people, but not overburden them. To achieve this, users test their coordination skills such as agility when on the course.“

With the combination of FRISIA and the “KidCoin-System” the children earn “Coins” for completing the “KidCoins” course and thus receive rewards later in the swimming pool. FRISIA is very well accepted and frequently used by children and young people because of its highly challenging character.

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Photo: Kidletics

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