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The new drainage technology at the Moormannskamp stadium is based on sustainable solutions that not only meet the requirements of modern sports facilities, but also take ecologi­cal aspects into account. Rainwater is effectively absorbed, cleaned and drained away.

Efficient hollow profile channels designed in accordance with the World Athletics (WA) regulations and DIN 18035 Part 3 were used to drain the running tracks and neighbouring areas. This ensures rapid drainage of rainwater and reduces the risk of flooding during heavy rainfall.

The areas around the jump pits are lined with elastic kerbs. Thanks to their elastic properties, they help to minimise the risk of injury. ACO SPORT® sand traps were also installed to catch any sand spillages, which are unavoidable during jumping competitions, and keep them away from the neighbouring surface.

A particularly outstanding feature of the renovation is the use of products for cleaning microplastics. The use of the ACO SPORT® filtration shaft ensures that microplastics released by abrasion from plastic surfaces, for example, are effectively 

The renovation of the Moormannskamp stadium in Ritterhude is therefore not only a structural modernisation, but also a pio­neering step towards environmental protection and sustainability. It sets an example for other sports facilities.

ACO sports paradise

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