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The FSB always serves SMG GmbH (Vöhringen, Bavaria) as a forum for trade fair specials and product innovations, but also as a platform for discussions and information about current issues at Track & Turf. Visitors can experience these at the stand in October 2021, subject to the current COVID regulations.

The focus is on new developments in two product families, the series of structural spray coatings and mobile equipment that filters and dewaters dirty water from the cleaning of synthetic sports surfaces. In addition to the new developments, visitors will also be delighted by remarkable advances in the cleaning and care of artificial turf: the TurfBoy ride-on machine and the DB1000F triangular broom for brushing artificial turf.

In addition, a foldable ball ramp made of aluminium for measuring ball roll behaviour and ball bounce height has been developed for the TurfTest area.

Due to the limited stand space and the limited number of visitors, SMG asks its visitors to make an appointment in advance so as to ensure access.

If you are planning to visit us, please let us know. Due to the COVID regulations, we have to make an appointment for your visit.

We are happy to welcome you at our stand and wish you a pleasant and safe trip to Cologne.


photo: SMG

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