IAKS Germany: Phased re-opening of municipal swimming pools

When can pools expect to be re-opened? This question is of existential importance for operators – in most cases municipalities or municipal enterprises.

IAKS Germany suggests a phased plan for the reopening of swimming pools, comprising three phases: During widespread social distancing – Easing of regulations – Full-scale operation.

As of 15 March 2020, all swimming pools in Germany were gradually closed by order of the authorities. In the declaration of the Federal Government of 15 April, it became obvious that sports facilities and thus also pools will remain closed at least until 4 May.

The IAKS Germany has taken this as an opportunity to issue recommendations for a phased re-opening of pools, taking account of the general rules on social distancing and hygiene in connection with coronavirus. These recommendations include measures for re-opening swimming pools that minimise the risk of infection.

Download: IAKS Germany's REcommendations

swimming pool

© Unsplash / Serena Repece Lentini