Growing activities in Spain

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As a recent highlight of our Iberian success, we have recently supplied our materials for a POLTRACK SPRAYCOAT running track retopping project of 4,000 m2 at Polideportivo Universidad Alcalá de Henares, Madrid in Spain. Retopping and new running track projects are due to be done in Spain as part of a general upgrade, and our POLTRACK SPRAYCOAT and ­POLTRACK SANDWICH running track systems are shortlisted for the task.

We have been growing rapidly in the Iberian peninsula, in parallel consolidating our presence in Latin America as well, where we are very active lately.

KDF is one of the most dynamic and export-oriented Greek companies (currently active in more than 60 countries in five continents), with our main factory in Greece and affiliated branches, full production facilities and warehouses for acrylic and polyurethane materials plus EPDM granules in the United Arab Emirates.

Our manufacturing in two different continents brings the whole world close to us and ensures fast, reliable and competitive solutions practically everywhere. This is what makes KDF totally unique and continues to draw attention in diverse markets.

KDF Laufbahn

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