Fitness bench for all

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Physical inactivity and a typically sitting lifestyle carry a high health risk for diseases such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, diabetes and obesity. Opportunities for physical activity must be increased in an attractive and sustainable way everywhere in order to prevent diseases and bring sustainable changes in the health of society.

Out of a great passion for promoting health and sports, Moveuments and PLAYPARC are bringing healthcare equity to public spaces and getting people physically active with the FITNESSBANK.  Even if there is only little space the innovative fitness bench provides seating and exercise opportunities for everyone - regardless of age, ability level, previous experience or equipment.

Attached to the fitness bench is a sign which shows various exercises with illustrations and text instructions. The illustrated exercise instructions for muscle groups in various degrees of difficulty also serve as a weather-resistant seat back. Many other exercises can be performed with the fitness bench, allowing mostly everybody to train with the fitness bench - or to rest and relax.

The fitness bench is produced with sustainable materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Due to high-quality workmanship the fitness bench is very weather-resistant and durable. Suitable for every age group and performance level, children and teenagers can train on the fitness bench just as effectively and versatile as adults and seniors.


photo: Playparc


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