Evolution in top-performance shock pads

News by IAKS member Schmitz Foam Products B.V. (Advert)

As of January 2020, Schmitz Foam Products has replaced its popular ProPlay-Sport20 shock pad with an upgraded version. The change was necessary because of demand and to keep up with the latest trends and developments.

Thanks to its robustness and the excellent performance it delivers, ProPlay-Sport20 has become the most widely used shock pad for artificial grass sport systems globally. The upgraded ProPlay-Sport20 provides similar or even better technical performance, is equally robust and offers drainage capacity that matches that of the original ProPlay-Sport20. What is different is that the new version consists of an 8mm foam layer that has been exclusively produced for Schmitz Foam Products, combined with 12mm foam flakes sourced from foams deemed redundant. No additives are involved in bonding the polyethylene foam layer and polyethylene foam flakes to a single sheet. It is done with thermal bonding, similar to the way Schmitz Foam Products produced the original ProPlay-Sport20.

Over the past few months, the upgraded ProPlay-Sport20 has been tested by international testing institutes. Since the shock pad comes with similar or even better technical characteristics, system testing, if required, can be kept to a minimum. This ensures a smooth industry transition from the original ProPlay-Sport20 to the upgraded version. Due to its look you can distinguish between the two ProPlay-Sport20 pads, but an installer or athlete will not notice any difference with our upgraded shock and drainage pads.

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photo: Schmitz Foam Products B.V.

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