Completely jointless

100% pure PUR material – 100% jointless throughout. With its system variants, the innovation from CONICA – a high-performance elastic layer made of pure PUR – meets the highest standards in compliance with emission targets and has a fire classification – while achieving maximum functionality. This means extra value compared to the prefabricated mats made from recycled materials. Its quality is proven by test reports conforming to AgBB (emissions), EN 14904 (sports functionality) and EN 13501-1 (fire behaviour).

This new elastic layer applied on site in its liquid state is used for point- and combined-elastic indoor sports flooring systems:

CONIPUR HG pure FULL PUR – This point-elastic floor absorbs impact forces immediately like a shock absorber, reducing the risk of injury as well as stress on the joints.

CONIPUR CE pure FULL PUR – This combined-elastic sports floor combines the advantages of point- and area-elastic floor systems that usually have a larger resonant mass. The point-elastic component on the wooden substructure delivers protection and comfort.

CONIPUR FULL PUR – The liquid elastic layer of pure polyurethane (100% PUR) is 100% pure, freshly produced material with a definite origin and controlled quality. Application on site in its liquid state makes the system 100% jointless.

Further positive features such as time savings due to faster installation, simpler handling across the board and controlled quality make CONIPUR FULL PUR an innovative, Swiss product – typically CONICA.


Conica full pur hall