Carbon neutral renovation

Advert by IAKS member Dr. Schutz

Whether PVC, Lino or wooden sports floor, even a tiled changing room: when a renewal is due, operators often shy away from the high costs, the extreme exposure to noise and dirt as well as the long down time. Fortunately, the trend is increasingly towards sustainability and preservation of the floors in place.

In the vast majority of cases, this is possible with a clever permanent coating application: With its full range of renovation systems for wood, resilient and tile floors, Dr. Schutz restores the full functionality to old floors in just a few days, creates long-term durability and offers so many possibilities in terms of design that it is no longer necessary to replace the existing floor covering.

A report by the German Institute for Sustainability & Economics confirms: A renovation by Dr. Schutz saves 98 % of CO2 emissions compared to a new installation. Many tons of waste, of new materials and unnecessary transport costs are thus avoided. Dr. Schutz products and raw materials are produced exclusively in Europe. A photovoltaic system on the roof of the plant covers almost the entire electricity requirement. The company compensates for the remaining 2 % of CO2 with a tree planting project in the Harz Mountains, which allows it to offer certified carbon-neutral renovation.

The system is also beneficial in the long term in terms of sustainability: Due to the very resilient coating, easy maintenance with suitable cleaners is completely sufficient. This not only saves many liters of water and cleaning chemicals. Even the microplastic washed out of conventional polish layers can no longer get into the water cycle.

Schutz Sportboden

Photo: Dr. Schutz