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The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games opened smoothly after a year of postponement. Shenzhen Avant Sports’ grandstand seating system made its debut in the Olympic field again after the last Brazil Olympics. There is a long history between the Olympic Games and Avant Sports. As early as 2008, it participated in the Beijing Olympics. By the Rio Olympics in 2016, Avant Sports became the only seat supplier in China, and now it has perfectly delivered the project of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which is the demountable metal grandstand in Yumenoshima Park Archery Field.

On the whole, the demountable metal grandstand system is divided into three parts: east, west and south, which are U-shaped. Among them, the south grandstand is equipped with media seats, reporter seats, photography/rebroadcast platforms, etc. The bottom function room includes a comprehensive control room, lounge, meeting room, bathroom, etc. The system is fully functional. The east and west grandstands are set up with photography/rebroadcast platforms, wheelchair platforms and barrier-free ramps.

The grandstand design is strictly implemented following the Olympic standards. As Japan is located in an earthquake-prone zone, the seismic performance of the grandstands is particularly important. The overall structure of Avant Sports’ demountable metal grandstand is made of high-tension light steel, and the system’s toughness and seismic resistance are far stronger than traditional concrete stands. Even if there is an earthquake, the personal safety of the audience can be guaranteed. In addition to the basic evacuation passages, spiral staircases and standardized barrier-free passages have been added.

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