Vocational training centre

Hamburg‘s largest vocational training centre for commerce and administration offers training for some 4,000 students and is the largest new construction project in the vocational training sector. Four previously independent vocational colleges have been merged on the site to create two amalgamated colleges. Each is located in a separate block with its own courtyard, classrooms and instructor workstations. The third building is used by both colleges. A central Piazza and a shared canteen act as the meeting place for the students.

To make sure the students can achieve optimum performance at all times, regardless of the weather, the new sports hall with its two fields has been equipped with high-quality sports flooring manufactured by Rosenheim’s sports flooring specialist HARO Sports. HARO Sports has been playing in the very highest league in its industry for decades now. FC Bayern Munich has also been relying on HARO Sports products for a long time. Among other things, FC Bayern’s training centre was equipped last year with HARO sports flooring and protective wall.

A sports floor measuring 810 m² with a lino surface in a red marbled look was installed in the sports hall. Thanks to its preassembled double-swing beam system, the high-performance Munich flooring model features outstanding properties tailored to soften the physiological impact of sport. With its excellent elasticity, the floor is gentle on athletes’ joints and locomotor systems. HARO’s protective walls were again the product of choice: “Protect Classic Plywood” with acoustic perforations in the Pine Tessin textured surface fulfils the client’s specifications to perfection.

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