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“Court 16” will lead as the most innovative tennis club in the United States. Its unparalleled concept of tailoring ten-nis to a wide range of age groups has now received an optimal flooring solution: the multifunctional LED flooring sys-tem by ASB GlassFloor, which fits perfectly into the training concept of “Court 16”. In 2014 Anthony Evrard opened its first flagship location. Born and raised in Brussels, owner and visionary Anthony Evrard brought an idea from Europe that was entirely new to the US – a tennis club for children in their formative years – ages 3 to 11.

“Court 16’s” new Queens location will be the first tennis facility in the world to feature a glass floor tennis surfacing with proprietary LED lines. The customized surface by German manufacturer ASB GlassFloor provides the most cushioned surface to activate Court 16’s innovative tennis programme. The flooring helps reduce the risk of injury, providing the safest surface for children’s fast-growing joints and creating the ideal platform for players of all ages to play. ASB GlassFloor offers a patented solution with a glass flooring system for sports facilities in which integrated LEDs make an individual layout of the court possible for both adults and children. The company offers two different options. With ASB LumiFlex, the entire floor turns into a multi-media monitor, opening up completely new possibilities for sports venues, such as additional advertising opportunities and revenue. On the other hand, ASB Multi-Sports, the floor installed at “Court 16” Long Island City, uses LED game lines which allow you to switch between marking lines for different sports. In addition, these LED lights can change tennis court marking lines within seconds using a touch screen, and special markings have been integrated for individual exercises – the perfect solution for the requirements of the new Court 16 location.

ASB GlassFloor


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