“Turnwerk“ Southeast Switzerland

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A new gymnastics centre has been built in Mels, Switzerland. In this 1,155 m² former factory hall (33 x 35 m) SPIETH gymnastics equipment and landing pits have been installed. All six competition apparatuses for men, a floor trampoline and a trampoline track have been installed as gymnastics equipment. The hall has also been equipped with height-adjustable training equipment, providing optimal training for younger athletes. On the competition equipment, training can be performed both methodically and under competitive conditions, as several sets of equipment are available in the hall:  On one hand for methodical training with landing pits and on the other hand for training under competitive conditions on the mat systems.

Three different types of pits with different depths (specified in brackets) have been installed: an extra-deep pit for swinging exercises (2.20 m), a 20 m² closed landing pit (0.80 m) and two landing pits filled with foam blocks (1.40 m), which together are 83 m² in size. The trampoline area is equipped with two special features: with the help of a bungee cord, somersaults, twists and hand rebound exercises can be trained. In addition, a jumping table can be placed between the trampoline and the landing pit. Thanks to a special adaptation, specific jump training is possible here. In order to create a uniform floor level in the hall to prevent tripping, the installation depths of the pits as well as equipment were individually selected and adjustments were made to the conditions on site.

A big challenge in this project was also the saw-tooth roof. With a height of 3.80 m to 6.80 m, the arrangement of the apparatuses had to be checked carefully, since the vaulting table, high bar and ring frame, for example, could only be installed in certain places because of the required headroom.

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photo: Spieth

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