TURNBAR by Eiden & Wagner Metallbau GmbH

The wall version of the TURNBAR system presented for the first time at GaLaBau 2018 offers a comprehensive fastening solution for walls or ceilings with the striking Templar profile. It adds another important system module to the series.

Under the TURNBAR brand, Eiden & Wagner Metallbau GmbH offers not only a sports equipment system with unique constructional flexibility and sustainability, but also the possibility of dismantling or reassembling the system, be it once a year or after each training session. Like all TURNBARseries products, the wall version is made entirely of stainless steel and is therefore an innovative and sustainable solution for both indoors and outdoors. The entire system is designed to DIN EN 1176 – as is the TPwall element, making it the ideal product for the planning of space-saving and safe configurations for private and public areas. Combinations with concrete elements can upgrade a multi-generation park into a multifunctional sports construction suitable for parkour.

The 60 cm long profile segments offer attachment points for many variable elements, depending on the mounted height. Pull-up bars, combat ropes, TRX training equipment and much more besides can be attached. The resulting wall configurations can also expand and be combined three-dimensionally in open space with the base-free TURNBAR­se­ries. The connecting elements – the pull-up bars for example – remain modular, interchangeable and infinitely height-adjustable thanks to the comprehensive TURNBAR rail sliding system. Each configuration can be unique and can be customized according to user needs and available resources.

Eiden Wagner wall sb 2 2019 650.jpg


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