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Therapy pools: Healing waters for rehab centres and sports clubs

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Aquatic facilities today are essential to the recovery of many who have suffered an injury. Thanks to its unique properties, water facilitates – and in some cases accelerates – the healing process.

Physical therapy in a pool has become one of the most trusted techniques by centres that offer these treatments. When rehabilitation involves joint work, water becomes an essential element by reducing the stresses of gravity while allowing for a gentle increase in the resistance needed to regain strength.

With highly-specialized needs for athlete rehabilitation, treatment and training, Myrtha’s therapy pools for medical centres, rehab facilities and sport clubs benefit significantly from Myrtha Pools’ flexible, modular solution. The self-supporting structure in a Myrtha installation allows us to efficiently place highly functional therapy pools into what are often small rooms or otherwise limited spaces.

In addition, unlike a conventional pool, Myrtha therapy pools include in their structure the incorporation of seats or steps that greatly facilitate the ease of treatment.

Myrtha Pools has developed a comprehensive range of therapeutic pool accessories, including floor partitions, ergonomic wall handrails and movable floors for progressive treatments. Myrtha pools can be designed also with integrated hydromassage units featuring adjustable flow jets at different heights, as well as benches, wheelchair ramps, disability transfer lifts, underwater windows and transparent walls for monitoring pool activities.

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photo: Tove Lauluten

In Norway at Holmen Aquatics Centre, one of the most sustainable aquatic centres, Myrtha has delivered a therapy pool – an accessible aquatics area with warmer water ideal for rehabilitation sessions and community classes – that also addresses other important community needs.

One important factor in any pool, especially for therapeutic activities, is water quality and sanitation.

For this specific issue, Myrtha White technology offers an opportunity to tackle bacterial growth and proliferation effectively (according with a scientific study by Myrtha Pools in collaboration with the University of Rome Foro Italico). This innovative system has been conceived by Myrtha Pools to overcome the sanitary and structural limits of traditional pool-manufacturing technologies and is especially relevant for therapy pools, where a clean environment is especially important to people who may be vulnerable to infection as a result of the injuries they are trying to heal.

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In Italy at the Aquamore Spinea Centre – in addition to the fitness pools – Myrtha has designed and installed a physiotherapy pool dedicated for use in rehabilitation. The pool is equipped with the exclusive Myrtha SoftWalk bottom that cushions shocks and is the perfect choice for a rehab pool. This vessel includes a seat that facilitates smooth entry into the water for people with mobility difficulties. And it also offers hydromassage jets for the muscles of the lower limbs, along with an anchor for surgical tubing that can be useful for various types of resistance-based water exercises. The warmer water of Spinea’s Myrtha pool also makes it ideal for neonatal and pre-natal water classes.

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photo: Myrtha Pools

In many cases an important consideration in pools is how many different uses it can provide. This is true in therapy pools, and especially so at Complexe Aquatique Desjardins in Canada. For this Canadian centre Myrtha has delivered a pool with reduced depth and length, allowing for an even wider range of activities and programming, from aqua-fit classes to in-water therapy sessions.

For both fitness and therapy pools Myrtha has been selected by the best sport facilities in the world, including some top European football clubs, an NBA franchise, and also by Collingwood Football Club in Australia. With Myrtha pools to accent the fitness, training and rehab opportunities, these centres have never been so beautiful or effective.

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