Temporary parquet sports floor

Advert by IAKS member Holz Speckmann

Just in time for the start of the Korisliiga, the top Finnish basketball league, Holz-Speckmann delivered its proven Speed-Lock S20 temporary parquet sports flooring to Nokia, Finland.

The Speed-Lock S20 is a modular parquet sports floor which – thanks to its patented aluminium joint – can be laid easily, safely and, above all, quickly.

The Nokian Palloiluhalli can be equipped with a parquet sports floor in a very short time. The S20 is suitable for international basketball competitions in conformity with FIBA Competition Levels 1 & 2.

The system consists of a 3.6 mm thick, factory-sealed parquet top layer made of oak, a 15 mm thick load distribution board made of special birch plywood and an 18 mm thick bottom layer of composite foam. Since all layers are firmly connected to each other and the all-round wedge-shaped edge is also pre-fitted, the sports floor can be installed without any extra components and is ready for play immediately after installation.

Speed-Lock S20 for Nokia BC_sb 6 2020_Holz Speckmann

photo: Holz Speckmann

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