Stylemaker® Evolution 3D-Sensation

Historical finds at St. Raphael Nursery (Advert by IAKS member Melos)

Dinosaur tracks point the way around the new Toy Car obstacle course at St. Raphael Nursery in Altenmelle, Germany where there is a prehistoric T-Rex skeleton protruding out of the ground as well as fun and colourful dinosaur eggs to discover. But it’s not that easy – the little ones have to dodge, climb over or hop between 3D boulders made of granules along the way, which playfully promotes the little adventurers’ motor skills and imaginations.

The new Toy Car obstacle course was installed as a safety surface with colourful Stylemaker® 2D designs and innovative 3D objects from the Stylemaker® dinosaur world. Now the nursery’s play area has been extended thanks to this colourful outdoor surface.  

In playgrounds, pre-schools and schoolyards alike, Melos leisure flooring made using Melos building materials is especially designed to upgrade every surface – and with original Stylemaker® 2D floor images and Stylemaker® Evolution 3D objects, new worlds are born. 

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photo: Melos

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photo: Melos GmbH

The floor images can be designed online. The Stylemaker® is a browser-compatible web app, designed for deployment on a desktop PC, laptop or tablet. Stylemaker® inspires and is equally perfect for planners and installers - create floor images online, plan fast and easy and order directly! Gain an advantage in your pitches and sales talks. Creativity is the key to success and will really amaze your customers.

By innovative technologies Melos creates the Stylemaker® floor images. Melos relies on a high-performance waterjet process with the individual floor image elements precisely cut out from EPDM plates. In future, floor images will also be possible in 3D print, with fine edge contours.

The next step: Stylemaker® Evolution 3D

Ingenious figures made of Melos granules succeed with Stylemaker® Evolution 3D. Be it a cute turtle or a bubbling volcano - let yourself be inspired and take the design of attractive play and leisure floorings to a new level. The creative interaction between Stylemaker® floor images and Stylemaker® 3D figures makes the difference!

Imaginative figures for vital living spaces

Simply select and personalize a template from the Stylemaker® database. You can choose from cute animals, creative objects or colourful flower worlds. The wide spectrum of figures gives you all the opportunities to inspire clients and breathe new life into playgrounds or public areas. In addition, the design of high-quality leisure and active areas is conceivable, which enhance pedestrian areas or offer a therapeutic benefit in retirement homes.

It will soon be possible to experience the 3D objects interactively. Via an interface, the objects can be moved back and forth with the mouse cursor, requested directly and ordered via the Melos Online Shop. It will also be possible to project the objects onto one’s own floor via the smartphone using augmented reality.



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