Stainless-steel swimming pools

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In municipal projects Berndorf Bäderbau is capable of acting as general contractor. The most recent example is the public swimming pool in Gänserndorf. In addition to the construction of the stainless steel swimming pools, the entire swimming pool building will also be renovated or extended. Since September 2018, the ageing pool in Gänserdorf near Vienna has been partially torn down and rebuilt. Beyond its core competence – the construction of swimming pools – Berndorf Bäderbau also assumes the responsible role of general contractor and bears the full responsibility for construction right through to turnkey delivery. This also includes subcontractor coordination, interface management and cost control. This means the client has a single contractual partner for all the various trades. A new, modern and multi-functional indoor pool is being built in collaboration with Swietelsky and GWT. Berndorf Bäderbau and its employees and the teams of all participating companies are working every day to successfully make the project reality.

The new regional pool in Gänserndorf focuses on competition. Physical education in schools is the overriding justification for a special kind of funding, and over 30 municipalities from the districts of Gänserndorf and Mistelbach have come together and agreed on principle to contribute towards maintenance costs. This indoor pool makes swimming lessons possible for the schools in the district in the long term. Its highlight is a 25 m competition swimming pool that meets all the relevant standards and, with a water depth of between 1.80 and 3.55 m, is also suitable for the diving tower with 3 m and 1 m platforms. A teaching swimming pool, a water boulder wall and aqua-cross – a kind of climbing rope garden for swimming pools so far unique in Austria – are also provided.

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photo: A/Gänserndorf, Regionalbad, Squad Media

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