Sports clubs save with LED floodlight

Sports clubs are able to save up to 70 per cent on electricity bills with LED floodlight and simultaneously benefit from improved illumination. With the new floodlights from Osram/Siteco, upgrading to LED technology now also pays off for small and mid-sized sports grounds.
The new football season will be starting soon as well, and from autumn onwards training will once again be taking under floodlight. Old floodlight systems with conventional lamps, still widely used today, are frequently power guzzlers. To replace lamps at heights of up to 16 metres a hoist is often necessary – meaning the operating costs of old systems increasingly burden the club’s purse.

Upgrading to modern and energy-efficient LED technology is highly simple though: the new LED floodlights from Osram/Siteco are designed to be mounted on existing floodlight masts. Existing four- or six-mast systems can continue to be operated with LED technology without requiring major conversion work such as new masts or cabling. This saves cash, because the club saves up to 70 per cent on electricity annually and has hardly any maintenance costs due to the long service life of the LEDs.

Thanks to the cost savings over classical floodlights with metal halide lamps, new systems can pay for themselves within seven years, and at the same time the LED floodlights ensure better quality of light and uniformly bright illumination of the playing field. Whether during training or matches, the fast-moving ball is easy to follow and neither players nor spectators experience glare.


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