Sports and leisure park Dortmund

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The project is being built in an existing park / leisure facility in Dortmund-Hombruch. On a ground area of around 20,000 m², one of the largest multifunctional sports facilities in Germany and even in Europe will be completed by summer 2022. All the sports areas have been designed so that they can be used by beginners and professionals and for all sports (BMX, skateboards, scooters, inline skates, roller skates, MTB wheelchairs, etc.) without anyone being excluded. Special attention has been paid to making many sports elements/obstacles accessible and usable with a wheelchair. The sports elements/obstacles in the different skate park areas are graded to encourage the progressive learning of new tricks, with similar obstacles but different heights and lengths.

In terms of use, the park is divided into different areas:

  • Bowl (flat): beginner and intermediate level
  • Bowl (low): intermediate and professional level
  • Snake run (a kind of bowl): beginner, intermediate and ­professional
  • Skate plaza: beginner, intermediate and professional
  • Pump track: beginner, intermediate and professional
  • Running bike track: beginner level
  • Climbing wall
  • Multifunctional field
  • Calisthenics / parkour
  • Stairs
  • Green and recreational spaces

In terms of the architectural language of the project, we sought to pay homage to Dortmund‘s cultural identity, heavy industry and mining. This homage can be read in the choice of materials and colours (brick and dark metal) and also in their use to create sculptural barriers.

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photo: Betonlandschaften

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