Soccer fields installed in Greenland

The installation of a new artificial grass soccer field in Qaqortoq, southern Greenland, started last July. It is the second of three artificial grass fields installed with ProPlay®- Sport23D in Greenland. Last year the first field went into operation in Narssaq. The third and last field has also been delivered and installed this September in Nanortalik.

Greenland has a polar and sub-polar climate. Gigantic ice sheets mean that only 19% of the total surface area is ice-free, and even this is subject to strong winds and snow fall. These tough weather conditions mean that matches in the past could only be played between May and September, and on sand and ash pitches as grass doesn’t grow readily in this harsh environment. We are happy to see the people of the Municipality of Kujalleq (approximately 7,100 inhabitants) enjoying their sports on the three excellent outdoor fields.

ProPlay-Sport23(D) is designed as a technical sports layer for artificial turf sports fields. For prompt installation, ProPlay-Sport23(D) is supplied as interlocking panels equipped with expansion slots. ProPlay-Sport23(D) consists of thermally bonded (closed-cell) cross-linked polythene foam (PEX or XPE). The predicted durability of the XPE foam is 100 years minimum. In addition to ProPlay-Sport23, which has the necessary technical characteristics, there’s also ProPlay-Sports23D. This product also has additional (in-plane) drainage channels which ensure the adequate drainage of water in case the artificial turf system is build on a watertight non-porous base. (Photo: GreenFields)

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