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With mafis® digital, eccos pro is launching a new cloud-based portfolio that, based on the proven mafis® software, can now make numerous applications for operators and guests even easier, a solution that meets the current requirements associated with the pandemic. This includes, for example, making ticket purchase and access contactless.

Based on the established mafis® environment, eccos pro now combines the stability and security of a local system with the flexibility and mobility of an online solution, thus opening up a direct route for the operator to the guest who can act comfortably from home or on the go. mafis® digital is fully integrated into the existing mafis® system. No additional interfaces are required and there is no need for duplicate master data maintenance – everything derives from a single source. With the launch, mafis® digital now presents three solutions for a number of different applications. With mafis® easyTicket, eccos pro offers a web shop in the cloud that enables guests to buy entry tickets or vouchers online at any time and from anywhere – even outside of the regular opening hours.

With mafis® flex, operators of several locations, for example, have the option of issuing guest cards, multiple tickets, cash or time cards, which can be used and validated in other outlets employing mafis® systems. All transactions of the guests are correctly billed to the operators involved. With mafis® reserve, the operator organises the booking of resources – courses, rooms, loungers or wellness offers can currently be reserved using a clear calendar function. In this way, rebooked appointments can be reassigned and thus prevent idling.

The central data management increases the efficiency of these tools and enables valuable analyses of visitor behaviour.

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