Second life for Alveosport shock pad

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An artificial turf soccer pitch built in 2009 was in need of refurbishment of the artificial grass in order to uphold its state-of-the-art performance. There was no problem in re-using the Alveosport shock pad made by Sekisui Alveo in the new turf system.

The soccer pitch is located in Genemuiden (NL) and is used by SC Genemuiden, which plays in the Netherlands’ top amateur league. The artificial turf system was installed in 2009, and after a decade of heavy-duty use, the club wanted a new state-of-the-art pitch.

Old shock pad still in good condition after ten years

The first step in the project was to remove the old artificial turf carpet, including the infill. As expected, the Alveosport shock pad underneath appeared to be in good condition for subsequent use. This was confirmed in tests of the shock pad by the external laboratory KIWA. The measured values show that the ten-year-old Alveosport NUT 3001 - 12 mm shock pad and all performance characteristics had remained unchanged. This was no surprise, since Sekisui Alveo issues a 25-year warranty on the product.

Quality is the key

The secret of the material’s longevity and stable performance properties is the quality of the installed material and its pa¬tented design. Alveosport is made of cross-linked closed-cell polyolefin foam. Throughout its service life, Alveosport does not release any harmful chemicals or gases known to pollute soil, water or air. The patented product is designed specifically for use as a shock pad in artificial turf systems. The new pitch finally is FIFA-certified. It will reliably serve SC Genemuiden as a first-rate soccer pitch with its natural performance for more than another ten years.

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