A rental solution for glass floors

With the LumiFlex glass floor from ASB Rental Solutions GmbH, companies, event and exhibition organisers now have an attractive tool at their fingertips for developing whole new display spaces. The glass floor is fitted with LED video screens and is thus perfectly suited to turning sport-ing events, exhibitions and other events into a multimedia experience – and it is now available for rent.

For more than 50 years, ASB has stood for innovation “Made in Germany”. With its ASB LumiFlex, the company has developed a glass floor that can change the whole floor into a multi-functional monitor. “Our multimedia floor was originally developed for sports centres”, explains ASB’s Managing Director Christof Babinsky. “With the LED features, the chaos of court lines is a thing of the past. A basketball court can turn into a badminton court at the press of a button. We quickly realised that the technology had huge potential, and not just in the world of sport. So we came up with the idea of founding a new company. With ASB Rental Solutions GmbH, we can now transform every floor space into an exciting multimedia surface. And it can be done quickly and efficiently. We came onto the market as a new player, offering an innovative and attractive advertising and performance solution for every type of event.“ With the foundation of ASB Rental Solutions GmbH, the ASB LumiFlex can now be rented for one-off events. ASB thus opens up new, attractive presentation possibilities for companies, exhibition organisers, event planners and exhibition hall constructors. Exhibition organisers can rent the floor as an additional advertising space and thereby generate a new source of income. Companies and event organisers can create spectacular effects, which will make a lasting impression on visitors.

ASB Rental Solutions GmbH

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