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Jogging is one of the most popular and common types of exercise. It is practised all over the world, and can be pursued almost anywhere as there are dedicated jogging tracks in urban areas, and you can also jog in the country. A new recent trend is “city jogging”, or “sight running”, a combination of jogging and sightseeing. It’s a way to discover the world’s greatest cities from completely different perspectives. However, whether the jogging track is located in a city or on a cruise ship, a floor covering that feels good is an important comfort factor. Polycomp Jogging Track comfort floor covering feels good underfoot and is joint-friendly for joggers and pedestrians. The coating system is applied to a polyurethane base layer and can be installed on already existing asphalt or concrete. Thanks to its textured surface, the Polycomp Jogging Track is non-slip. The system also impresses with outstanding grip.

System setup:

1. Primer: The primer is the bonding layer between the Polycomp Jogging Track and the existing substrate (concrete / asphalt).

2. Base layer: The elastic layer consists of PUR-bonded EPDM granules and allows for a consistently comfortable feeling underfoot.

3. Pore sealer: The pore sealer ensures that the system is water impermeable.

4. PUR Coating: The coating is composed of PUR-bonded EPDM granules. This is available in different colours.

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photo: Melos

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