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San Sebasitián de los Reyes is a Spanish town located eighteen kilometres north of Madrid. Besides patron saint festivals and the running of the bulls, sport also has a long tradition in this municipality.

The flagship for this sports enthusiasm is the sports complex „Polideportivo Municipal Dehesa Boyal“, which has undergone extensive renovation work in recent years.

The latest revolution in the history of this sports complex is the installation of a multi-purpose floor covering made of polyurethane by STOCKMEIER Urethanes, which was installed on an area of  approximately 1,350 m². Complemented by various line markings, the new indoor floor offers athletes a variety of options for sporting activities. The partner and installer of the indoor flooring system is the company Sportan.

Stobigym® indoor flooring systems have been installed worldwide since 1991 and are the smart solutions for all of your sports flooring needs. The system offers superior wear resistance, optimal safety and long term elasticity. Versatile in use, durable with high energy return values ideal for a broad variety of games, particularly those involving a high degree of jumping, such as handball, volleyball, or badminton.

All the systems offered within the indoor flooring line are a combination of our highly trusted Stobielast® S products. Stobigym® systems are tested according to IHF standards and meet or exceed all relevant environmental requirements.  

Available in a wide range of colours, Stobigym® systems are the perfect addition to new projects or the renovation of an existing indoor sports facility. 

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