Olympism 365: Strengthening the role of sport to pursue SDGs

The Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) endorsed the Olympism 365 strategy. It aims to strengthen the role of sport as an important enabler for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN) and to connect people with the Olympic values everywhere, every day.

Olympism 365 will be the engine behind Recommendation 10 of Olympic Agenda 2020+5, which commits to this strengthening of the role of sport as an important enabler for the UN SDGs. With this strategy, the IOC reaffirms its commitment to build on the momentum created by the Olympic Games to promote the Olympic values and the role of sport in society 365 days a year.

Olympism 365 applies the Fundamental Principles of Olympism and aligns with local aid investment plans, development plans and other initiatives that are aligned with the SDGs. Through its impact in the areas of access, belonging, benefits and connection, Olympism 365 has direct alignment with 17 targets in 10 SDGs.

Olympism 365 will work towards creating change in four interconnected areas:

  • Improving access to sport: Olympism 365 will gather and leverage a network of diverse partners that will create new opportunities for underserved communities to play sport;
  • Creating a place to belong: through innovative partnerships, Olympism 365 will create safe, inclusive and equal sports communities;
  • Ensuring opportunities to fully benefit from sport: Olympism 365 will endeavour to leverage the full power of sport, including physical and mental well-being but also new prospects related to employability, such as networking and leadership training;
  • Strengthening local and global connection: Olympism 365 will allow diverse groups of people and organisations to connect, share best practices and experiences, and collectively solve problems. 

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