New Running Track in South Africa


The University of the Western Cape is known for its strong social commitment. Among academic institutions, it is at the forefront of South Africa's historic transformation and plays a leading and unique role in building a modern and free nation. The UWC's primary concern is to provide access to education, equality, and quality higher education for all students.

The initial installation of the running track was 20 years ago. Wear and tear due to intensive use and weather conditions made it necessary to renew the surface. Our proven and high-performance FULL-PUR-system was chosen for the re-topping. Stobitan® FULL PUR is a water-impermeable and spike-resistant system that has been installed worldwide since 1991.

Thanks to its extensive certifications according to World ­Athletics, EN 14877, DIN 18035-6, UL GREENGUARD and UL GREENGUARD Gold, it is the smart solution for all sports ­surfacing needs.

The tendering and awarding of the project were carried out by local engineering office Synsport. They won the tender due to their long company history and extensive reference list of World Athletics certified running track systems. This made them a quali­fied and experienced partner for this project. Synsport partnered with a local construction company to carry out the work.

The project was successfully completed, and the running track received World Athletics Class 2 certification. Staff at the University of the Western Cape are delighted with the final product delivered. The track forms part of a complete sports offering at the university which is ultimately aimed at developing the sporting youth of South Africa.

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photo: Synsport

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