New ProPlay-Sport20 passes all tests

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The start of the new decade saw the ProPlay-Sport20 undergoing a update, this to ensure the world‘s most popular shock pad is future-proof. 2020 turned out to be a year that was demanding in many ways, but the renewed ProPlay-Sport20 passed with distinction.

ProPlay-Sport20 is widely praised for its technical performance and high drainage capacity. As the shock pad is made of remnant foam and it can be fully recycled after end-of-use, this shock pad also scores well when the environmental impact of an artificial turf system is considered. This is one of the reasons why the demand for ProPlay-Sport20 has grown exponentially in recent years. To uphold its high quality and availability in the future, Schmitz Foam Products decided to revise the composition of ProPlay-Sport20. The well-known and trusted 12mm thick layer of foam flakes is now combined with an 8mm thick foam layer. “This year we started laminating the ProPlay-Sport20 with a polyethylene foam that is specifically produced for Schmitz Foam Products. From 2021, the production of this foam layer is being brought inhouse. By continuing to invest in our processes and products, we maintain control of the supply chain and anticipate the continuing increase in demand for ProPlay,“ explains Ron Lokhorst, Export Manager at Schmitz Foam Products.

The adjustment is in line with the aim of governments and industries to make production smarter and more efficient in the coming years in order to make optimal use of scarce raw materials.

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photo: SchmitzFoam

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