A new industrial floor

The company Anita is a well-known global fashion label. In 2017 the production site and warehouse at the headquarters in Brannenburg was given a new floor finish. The management team at Anita had a number of key criteria for the new floor, including durability and compliance with health-related quality standards. Following the recommendations of CONICA, Anita chose the CONIFLOOR IPS industrial flooring system, a highly durable floor system which meets stringent AgBB (Committee for Health-related Evaluation of Building Products) guidelines, for installation within both the warehouse and production areas.

In summer 2017, Rieder and Willmann, a recognised industrial flooring expert, installed 3,000 m² of CONIFLOOR IPS – a high-performance, self-smoothing polyurethane coating, at the site in Brannenburg. Leonhard Rieder, owner of Rieder and Willmann, was very satisfied with the choice of the CONIFLOOR IPS flooring system. “It was very important for the client that their employees work in a healthy and safe environment without any emissions from the floor coverings, so the floor had to comply with the AgBB, whilst also delivering R9 slip resistance,” Rieder commented. However, there was another important aspect that played a role in the selection. “The client also wanted a coating system that provided excellent crack-bridging performance. The CONIFLOOR IPS, when installed at a thickness of 2.5 mm, bridges cracks 1.2 mm wide,” Rieder explained. “I was very happy with the whole system, especially with the product CONIFLOOR 420, the main self-smoothing part of the system.”

Many thanks to Anita, and Rieder and Willmann, for selecting CONICA products and for the positive feedback.


Conica Ein neuer Industrieboden sb 4_2018