New IAKS Future Trends for pools presented at ISWF

Swimming is regaining importance. The individualisation of our society and new ways of working, with blurring boundaries between work and leisure, are leading to stronger on-demand activities like swimming, jogging and cycling. These are often performed in public spaces that are not limited by opening hours. This means that more access to lap swimming for all (not only for competition) is needed and that opening hours should be extended.

Water sports and swimming fit in perfectly with the trend of people leading more healthy lifestyles coupled with an ageing society with more active seniors. This is why water-based exercise classes, as a gentle start to an active lifestyle, and swimming lessons for adults are becoming more popular.

The future trends identified range from topics such as inclusivity, places for socialising, competing demands on public finances and digital transformation, and many more.

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IAKS Future Trends for Pools
Outlining important developments for professionals and non-professionals (e.g. politicians and other stakeholders) involved in pools around the world. These propositions describe aspects and trends observed by experts.
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On 7 November, in the course of the International Swimming Pool and Wellness Forum, IAKS President Dr Stefan Kannewischer said: "These future trends outline important developments for professionals and non-professionals involved in pools around the world". He invited everybody to download the trends and distribute to clients and operators.