New AGES‘ Guide on Temporary Infrastructure for Major Events

IAKS members receive a discount of 30 per cent on the purchase of the "Practice Guide for Planning, Procurement and Delivery of Temporary Infrastructure for Major Events - Part I General Information". Edited by AGES (Association of Global Event Suppliers) the guide is available as digital version (EUR 89.- excl. VAT ) or print version (EUR 189.- excl. VAT).

With the increasing demands on infrastructure, the limited lead-time and the ever louder call from an increasingly sceptical public for cost effective and sustainable solutions, temporary event infrastructure – often described as event overlays – becomes an indispensable factor for event organisers and city authorities.

And yet, the event suppliers’ industry has been challenged by respected commentators suggesting that “organisers often do not understand your business”. AGES now steps forward to take up that challenge and provides an inclusive, encyclopaedic reference for event organisers, building authorities and governmental bodies and all those involved in event infrastructure:

  • Disseminating information to illustrate the potential of event overlays;
  • Highlighting and educating on key issues; and
  • Facilitating timely and productive engagements between organisers and the industry.

Written by recognised industry experts and supported by governmental bodies like the IOC and the UEFA, this 200-page document provides a sequential narrative explaining the activities and procedures in chronological order, to facilitate a general understanding about overlays for large events. The writers describe and illustrate the relevant strategies, principles, methods, procedures and other information to guide the reader step by step through the delivery process; i.e. from Planning, through Procurement to Delivery of the event overlay works.

AGES Practice Guide cover 650.jpg

photo: AGES