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Jakob Rope Systems: 2019 Gold Partner

We are excited to welcome Jakob Rope Systems to be 2019 Gold Partner of the 26th IAKS Congress. Jakob Rope Systems is a Swiss producer of stainless steel cables and wire mesh as well as a supplier of fibre ropes and hoisting equipment. Established in 1904 in Trubschachen, in the Emmental valley, the family-owned company produces in its main headquarters in Trubschachen and its branch in Saigon, Vietnam.

Jakob Rope Systems products are renowned for their quality and aesthetics. The stainless steel cables have been used in projects worldwide and set standards for the construction industry. The stainless steel net “Webnet” is an extremely strong and pliable mesh system with unsurpassed elegance: With a translucency of up to 99 percent, the net is almost invisible, yet highly robust. The stainless steel material gives our products durability, which makes it virtually maintenance free.

The cables and wire meshes are extremely versatile for the use in construction are suitable for a large number of applications. For example façade greenings, animal enclosures or observation platforms, which appear almost invisible to the naked eye. As a certified fall protection, Webnet provides safety with minimal visual impact. At sports grounds and in multifunctional sport halls, Webnet can be used as an invisible fence to stop balls or as wall panelling that protects technical equipment. The assortment of fibre ropes, nets and steel cables provide plenty of choice for playground and high wire park designers.

Jakob Rope System’s portfolio also includes a comprehensive range of services that covers all aspects of the construction of cable and net structures. With the experienced in-house engineering team, they strive to tackle even the most complex projects. They will accompany your project right from the start: from the planning and engineering to the final installation and maintenance on site.