Ireland: 5-stage strategy starting 18 May

The Government of Ireland announced a 5-stage strategy for easing restrictions and reactivating the economy during COVID-19. Related to practising sports, the Irish Government has drawn up a roadmap for modifying restrictions stretching from individual exercise to sports spectating with limited numbers and separation. Based on a 3 week review process, the current phases would commence on the following dates:

Phase 1 (May 18th)

  • Personal outdoor exercise limit 5km (4 people max).
  • Tennis and golf re-open with social distancing. Groups of 4 max.

Phase 2 (June 8th)

  • Personal outdoor exercise limit 20km (2 people max).
  • Small Outdoor Team Sports resume training, with non-contact/social distancing

Phase 3 (June 29th)

  • Sport playing behind closed doors with social distancing (no spectators)
  • Open playgrounds where social distancing and hygiene can be maintained

Phase 4 (July 20th)

  • Open public swimming pools, cleaning/hygiene rules and social distancing
  • Sports team matches with limited spectators

Phase 5 (August 10th)

  • Open fitness gyms, exercise, dance studios, sports clubs with hygiene rules
  • Close physical contact sports permitted, e.g. rugby, boxing, wrestling
  • Sports spectating with limited numbers and separation Roadmap for reopening society and business

person walking in grass field -gysUcHlbV9A-unsplas_hmax-williams_650

photo: Unsplash / Max Williams