IAKS to present at 26th TAFISA World Congress Tokyo 2019

On 14 November, IAKS Japan Executive Board Member Yoshiko Osamura is presenting “Future Trends in Sports and Leisure Facilities” at the 26th TAFISA World Congress in Tokyo, Japan.

The 26th TAFISA World Congress takes place from 13 to 17 November emphasizing the importance of “Sport for All through Tradition and Innovation”. The theme draws inspiration from the Japanese context and delves into the apparent paradox between tradition and innovation. It tackles the contemporary relevance of tradition, in particular how Traditional Sports and Games can help bring play back into the daily lives of both children and adults, while exploring the vast field of innovations to identify ways in which new ideas, new concepts and new technologies can encourage people to be physically active. Sport for All will require both Tradition and Innovation to grow stronger in the future.

This year's programme features a unique joint programme between the TAFISA World Congress and the Smart Cities and Sport Summit that will bring the participants of the two events together in Tokyo. The sessions will focus on the issues linked to physical inactivity within cities, innovation and partnerships - or how we can build the communities of tomorrow through Sport for All. More than 700 participants from all horizons of the Sport for All Movement, including cities, Sport for All Federations, national Olympic committees, ministries, international federations, intergovernmental organisations and others are expected.

Tafisa World Congress 2019 Tokyo