IAKS LAC organises VI International Congress in Villavicencio, Colombia 10-11 October

The 6th edition of the Congreso Internacional IAKS LAC is dedicated to “Operation, Design, Planning and Innovation”. The organisation is jointly with Corderedes (Sports Corporation, Recreation and Ecology for Social Development), and with academic support from the Faculty of Architecture at the Santo Tomás University located in Villavicencio.

On two days, national and international experts will converge in Colombia, featuring María de Lourdes Sandoval Martiñón, Gar Holohan, Jorge Betancur, Agustín García Puga, Alexander Ernesto Mier Hernández, Omar José Carnevali Buenahora, José Armando Pérez Barbesi, Sandra Maryory Pulido Quintero, Juan Carlos Rueda Ángel, Cesar Augusto Correa Duque, Juan Francisco Gutiérrez Betancor, and José Alejandro Aguirre.

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