IAKS Japan welcomed IAKS Spain for knowledge exchange in January 2020

On 15 January, IAKS Japan and IAKS Spain met for their first official collaborate expert seminar at the International House of Japan, Tokyo.

IAKS Spain President Jesús Del Barrio Díez shared the topic "Spanish Sports Infrastructure: Strategies for Utilizing School Sports Facilities and High-Performance Sports Centers".

He explained how sports facilities had changed through the Barcelona Olympic and Paralympic Games. Elite sports facilities had improved and school facilities had opened for everyone. Most significantly, the image of the facilities had changed by the collaboration of many divisions, including the government, local authorities, school teachers, and citizens.

Now sports facilities are regarded as a place for everyone. The participants liked the idea that sports facilities are no longer restricted to top athletes or students, but are vividly frequented by all generations.

2020 01 Tokyo Seminar Spanish sports infrastructure (3)

photo: IAKS Japan