IAKS Japan invited members to expert meetings

On 13 May Traffic Department Officer Fariba Driyani from Stockholm spoke about the redesign of public spaces.  She gave insights in the car free project in Stockholm. The aim is to use roads and thoroughfares not just for transport but also for sports and leisure activities to facilitate multi usage.

On 9 August, Councillor of Chigasaki City Sadahiro Mizumoto shared his knowledge on how to improve the environment for the support of the elderly’s physical activities and promote their well-being. He explained plans and activities of the health programme in Chigasaki City, which has a lower rate of health insurance than other cities due to these measures.  He presented the case study of a sports club, which he has been managing, that operates on an elderly-friendly facility management.

These expert circles were open to all members of IAKS Japan and anyone else interested and will be continued on a regular basis in 2020. The documentation of the presentations is available at the office of IAKS Japan.

IAKS Japan expert circle 2019 May