IAKS Japan experts discussed health related challenges

IAKS Japan held two expert circles

On May 25th, IAKS Japan welcomed Mr. Takashi Kurono, CEO of Beachtown Co. Ltd., to the 3rd expert circle: "Outdoor fitness - Intersection between nature and health". Beachtown Co,. Ltd. is the leading consultancy on outdoor sports and leisure activities by utilizing nature in cities in Japan. 45 participants gained knowledge on Beachtown's personal, social and global vision by doing outdoor fitness which focuses on having fun in nature. 

On 28th of May, Mr. Yuma Takeshita, CEO of Positiv Inc.. was invited to the 4th expert circle: "Health revolution". Mr. Takeshita heads a leading personal training company in Japan. The 42 people participated and learned about the reasons behind his success during the Corona pandemic via his "Promises and Habits" programmes. This is based on human trust, which AI cannot do, and his flexible approach, such as introducing online lessons for top international athletes before the pandemic.

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Photo: IAKS Japan