IAKS Congress platinum partner WM ice technics presents WM autopilot

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A practical ice-resurfacing assistance system

An ice resurfacing machine that can clean the ice on its own? It’s not just a futuristic vision - it’s already happening: WM ice technics will be presenting the innovative WM Autopilot at the FSB Trade Fair in Cologne, Germany.


Assistance systems are where it’s all at these days. So why not get in on the action and equip an ice resurfacing machine with a practical assistance system? Masters of innovation WM ice technics have done just that in developing the cutting-edge WM Autopilot, capable of carrying out end-to-end resurfacing completely on its own. If you want to see it in action for yourself, come along to the FSB Trade Fair in Cologne any day from October 26th to 29th, when WM ice technics will be presenting the WM Autopilot in the Lanxess Arena Training Hall and extending a warm welcome to all curious visitors.

WM _3013_Autopilot Mammoth.jpg

photo: WM ice technics

How does the WM Autopilot work?

The machine is equipped with a positioning system which allows it to cover the whole ice rink on a predefined route and carry out full, driver-free resurfacing of the rink. And there’s no compromise on efficiency whatsoever – quite the reverse: WM Autopilot is fitted with ultra-precise driving cycles and is also capable of handling non-standard driving patterns such as complex cross-cutting procedures.  This leads to considerably less overlap of the work surface and optimal levelling-out of grooves on the ice surface, while steady, constant water consumption and low energy requirement when cooling the ice saves on resources.

The WM Autopilot is a guarantee of accuracy in planning. The time required to resurface the ice can be calculated with pinpoint precision, and the ice is ready for use sooner. And above all, the ice resurfacing operator can use time that would otherwise be spent on routine ice preparation to get on with other tasks.   

WM Autopilot: Ice is not just frozen water