IAKS Congress 2019: Facilitating an active world

At the 2019 IAKS Congress, the world’s leading international forum on the planning, building and operation of sports and leisure facilities, the goal of “Facilitating an active world” will be explored as a focal point for communities of all sizes, and as a motivator for public policy at all levels of government.

The conference programme will feature an international group of speakers providing innovative responses to the demanding challenges of funding development of new sports and leisure facilities that offer relevant, meaningful, and lifestyle-enhancing experiences to all members of the community. Presentations will look at global trends and constraints with the objective of addressing them at the community level.

The IAKS invites owners, operators, designers, builders and suppliers to assemble at the 2019 Congress in Cologne to share their ideas in advancing sports, recreation and leisure experiences and facilities. The congress is the most important international opportunity for sharing knowledge and benefiting from the experiences of others.

Congress programme

26 IAKS Congress,5-8 November 2019 in Cologne