IAKS Austria elects Executive Board

After its successful founding, IAKS Austria issued an invitation to an Extraordinary General Assembly in Vienna on 4 October 2019 and welcomed 20 participants. The voting members elected Harald Fux (RAUMKUNST ZT) President. His Vice Presidents are Dr Gerold Sattlecker (Salzburg-Rif University and Land Sports Centre) – who also serves as Secretary – and Oliver Teubl (STRABAG) – who is also Treasurer. Wolfgang Becker (Salzburg-Rif University and Land Sports Centre) and Claus Weberstorfer (Greiner MULTIfoam) accepted the positions of auditors.

With the founding of IAKS Austria, the interests of the existing 33 IAKS members in Austria are being consolidated at the national level. The aim is to promote the international exchange of experience and expertise, to identify gaps in the market for non-profit organisations, to intensify the national transfer of expertise, to improve national networking by bringing all market participants together and to initiate the discussion on national development of the sector. Specifically, the IAKS Austria Executive Board plans to offer its members attractive events such as an annual "Sports Facility Day" and study trips.

All participants had the opportunity to introduce themselves briefly and to express their interests regarding IAKS Austria’s future activities. Professional discussion of operator strategies aided by excursions is considered useful, as is a knowledge platform. Also important are the issues of nature conservation and resource conservation in the construction of sports facilities.

The next event is the Joint D-A-CH Evening, together with IAKS members from Germany and Switzerland, on November 6 at the 26th IAKS Congress in Cologne.

2019 Executive Board IAKS Austria

(f.l.t.r.) Wolfang Becker, Dr Gerold Sattlecker, Harald Fux, Claus Weberstorfer

photo: IAKS, Klaus Meinel