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How pool suppliers can contribute to the BIM process

Discover what Myrtha Pools can bring to the planning and construction phases of swimming, leisure, and wellness centres

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Today, BIM is a mandatory solution in most public tenders (contracts), and increasingly in private ones. In projects related to sport and leisure facilities, BIM’s digital approach allows the project management team to plan and monitor all processes, reducing the risk of data dispersion and/or project errors. BIM helps architects, engineers, and builders to visualize the finished product in a simulated environment and to identify potential design, construction, or operational issues. For those reasons, some years ago, Myrtha Pools embraced BIM in its pool design process.

Myrtha Pools 3D project_2022 KW 2_3131.jpg

3D render by Myrtha Pools

Mockup BIM_Myrtha Pools_2022 KW 2_3131

3D model: Myrtha Pools

But what does BIM mean? Building Information Modelling (BIM) represents the development and use of computer-generated models to simulate the planning, design, construction, and operation of a proposed facility in a digital environment. BIM is a new paradigm within the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industries that encourages an integration of the roles of all contributors. Myrtha Pools has embraced BIM technology and has created a library of 3D digital models of all its pool components including parameters such as materials, measurements, and position.

BIM 3D project UK_Myrtha Pools_2022 KW 2_3131

3D model: Myrtha Pools

Our modular stainless-steel panels, gutters, pool headwalls, bulkheads, and starting blocks, as well as pool membranes, and features like fountains and geysers are all included in the Myrtha digital library. These 3D models and data can be integrated with general documentation in a cloud space called the Common Data Environment (CDE), where all the contributors can exchange any kind of information. There is significant complexity in the planning and construction of swimming and leisure centres. To manage the complexity, Myrtha Pools integrates data sharing (through the CDE) including project phases, detailed design, production, and installation of pools, disinfection, and filtration systems.

Aquamore Bocconi Sport Center_Myrtha Pools 2022 KW 2_3131

Aquamore Bocconi Sport Center (photo: Myrtha Pools)

BIM integration is often specifically requested in Myrtha’s most complex projects. A recent example of a BIM project by Myrtha was the design and installation of the pools for the new Bocconi Campus in Milan, Italy, managed by SANAA architects. The BIM process is also convenient for the planning and construction of temporary structures for one-off events – even when timelines are strict, and errors are unacceptable. This was the case for the pools Myrtha designed and installed in the Etihad Arena for the 15th FINA World Swimming Championships in Abu Dhabi.

For private projects, like community, leisure or wellness centres, BIM is an enormous plus for all project participants. Chorus Life is a new city model near Milan (Italy). Still in the planning phase, the project includes a new leisure centre for which Myrtha will supply aquatics facilities and BIM integration.

Centre Aquatique Saint Denis_Paris_2022 KW 2_ small Myrtha Pools

photo: Myrtha Pools

BIM is a process that leads to better design, better understanding of whole-life costs, and better environmental data. All these factors are essential to the plan for the aquatic venue of Saint-Denis, France, designed by the VenhoevenCS and Ateliers 2/3/4 studios. For the three Myrtha pools in the Parisian centre (scheduled to open in 2024) BIM is implemented for control of processes and standards and to manage project timing. The level of the detail in the information shared is astonishing and empowering, not only for the architects and engineers, but also for the future managers of the aquatic centre. Even different configurations of the main pool can be modelled, to demonstrate the pool’s split movable bulkheads, and accessories for different competition configurations including 50-m and 25-m racing, water polo, and diving.

With a BIM-compliant partner, like Myrtha Pools, a project leader can decrease cost, increase productivity and quality, and reduce project delivery time.