How artificial turf regains its fitness

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The re-commissioning of artificial turf pitches in accordance with the restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 requires highly efficient solutions. Experts primarily recommend the multiple machine solutions from SMG for maintenance before starting over again. These perform consistently with the same functional principle and guarantee perfect physical conditions and safe play on artificial turf. One of these recommended solutions is the TurfKing TK1502, which meets the requirements of the FIH and ESTC in every respect, for both filled and unfilled artificial turf. SMG machines use their rotary brush with adjustable vibrating screen to separate the coarse dirt (stones, leaves, etc.) from the filling material and apply it to the pitch in precisely metered amounts. The decisive factor is a constant amount of filling material in the underfilled areas. There is practically no need for refilling because of the unique SMG principle, and the material always stays where it belongs. The logical consequence is that if the filling material is correctly applied, the discharge of granules into the environment is significantly reduced and almost impossible through the careful use of the care and cleaning machines from SMG. An even backfill height is also supported by an appropriately adapted driving strategy.

SMG offers free information, advice and support for targeted measures against the discharge of fillers and corresponding timetables. The company not only produces the required maintenance equipment, but also organizes training courses and courses for greenkeepers or facility managers. The result of our 360° service are immaculately clean artificial turf pitches with a longer lifespan and excellent playability – and, last but not least, the solution to the microplastic problem. The trailer device TK1502 shown is available from approximately EUR 15,000.

SMG_sb 3 2020_TurfKing-TK1502-Action-3

photo: SMG

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