“Hilo“ seating series

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In sports stadiums used for hosting international events, the stadium’s functional areas can be divided in most cases into the normal seating area, VIP seating area, box area, media seating area, and wheelchair area. There is a trend these days to use seats in the same style for different functional areas. The “Hilo” seating series has been developed accordingly to meet the needs of large stadiums. As a set of excellent seats, the “Hilo” series has more than 20 different types of products. It complies with FIFA standards and has obtained FIBA approval. In addition, the “Hilo” seating series has passed the EN12727-4 mechanical test and can be used at all indoor and outdoor venues.

The foremost feature of the “Hilo” series is its large variety of materials and installation methods to choose from to precisely and effectively meet the differentiated needs of venue owners. In terms of materials, we have the most widely used HDPE and PP materials for blow and injection moulding. If you need to upgrade to VIP for a specific seating area, you can choose high-end upholstered seats both outdoors and indoors.

In the meantime, to suit the space available on site, we can provide installation methods such as front-fixed, beam mounted, independently mounted, folding, and portable, and rear-fixed seating for telescopic stands. This effectively reduces installation time and makes subsequent maintenance and replacement easier. The seat’s reduced thickness when folded increases the width of the passage. In addition, various types of seats in the “Hilo” series can also be equipped with such accessories as armrests, cup holders, billboards, and seat numbers, which further expand your range of choices. “Hilo” seats have been used at such major events and venues as the European Handball Championship, the Olympic Sports Centre, and a rugby club in the United States.

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