Green ice rink made of real ice

An ice rink does not become “green” by not using electricity. For everything in our lives we need and consume electricity. The question facing Ice-World Ice-Business as a provider of emotional rinks for sports, leisure, recreation and health is as follows: how can we influence the genera­tion of green energy, and how can we reduce the power consumption of our facilities?

In terms of ice rink technology, Ice-World Ice-Business does not rely solely on the efficient aluminium system. All components installed in the rink system, including refrig­eration units, supply lines, control units, materials, etc., are constantly being put to the test, improved and optimized. Today, ice rinks from Ice-World Ice-Business can be operated with around 40 per cent less energy than other systems available on the market. Thus Ice-World Ice-Business has significantly reduced energy consumption – and since environmental protection does not stop at the doorstep, Ice-World Ice-Business is investing in the production of green energy and in offsetting CO2 emissions. The current project is the planting of mangroves in the Myanmar Thor Heydahl Climate Park, to completely neutralize the 317 tons of carbon dioxide that all Ice-World ice rinks emitted during operation, material-manufacturing and transportation in the 2016/17 season. So far, 317 mangroves have been planted on behalf of Ice-World Ice-Business. These refor­estations are monitored and guaranteed by the Worldview International Foundation. We need energy to live.

We can not turn it off. Energy has to flow. And energy has to be clean. That’s green.

Ice-World Ice Business GmbH

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