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Expert Talk: The future of artificial turf

Is 4G and non-infill systems the most sustainable option?

Get newest information and experiences on artificial turf systems:
Wednesday June 24th, from 14.30-15.30 (GMT+2)

The talk will be in English - everyone is welcome.

Questions can be written in the chat during the talk, and the most relevant will be picked out for discussion at the end.

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Meeting ID: 982 5154 1817
Password: TurfTalk


The artificial turf industry has continuously been innovating itself – new products, more sustainability and complex solutions. But in the wake of general discussions about microplastics as an environmental polluter, the focus on rubber granules as infill-material has especially stirred up the industry. Most recently it has resulted in what probably will be a complete ban from the EU on intentional use of microplastics, with a 6 year transition period for artificial turf pitches. This is quite groundbreaking (almost literally), since most of the fields in Europe are still using rubber granules, which is classified as a microplastic.

But we already have experience and knowledge about non-infill pitches. IAKS Nordic has therefore asked two of our experts on the matter to present the latest information and discuss the future of artificial turf, specifically in relation to non-infill (mostly with sand also), so-called 4G pitches.  


In Norway chief engineer Bjørn Aas is leading a research project on artificial turf at the Norwegian University of Technology and Science called KG2021. They have been testing non-infill pitches for a few years and he will present the latest knowledge and experiences on the field.

In the Municipality of Gladsaxe, Denmark, Holger Kortbek is head of sports. He has recently lead the municipality in a more sustainable direction by investing in four different non-infill test pitches to find the best match for the users. He will especially focus on the importance of user involvement in the process. In the end, they must be whom we build for.


The talk will be moderated by IAKS Nordic, and there will be time for questions at the end.

Bjørn Aas Holger Kortbek

IAKS Nordic experts Bjørn Aas (left) and Holger Kortbek (right)